Great Tips to Live A Happy and Healthy Life

We all know life becoming complicated day by day. Tons of problems like over weight, beauty, tensions effect our daily life. But living a happy and healthy life is quite easy. Just you need to follow all the tips, we mentioned below.

How To Live a Happy And Healthy Life

live happy and healthy life1. The most ideal food for mankind is vegetarian which consists of greens, curd, cereals, pulses, nuts, fruits and milk. Egg is rich in cholesterol. It should be taken twice a week.

2. Totally discard saturated fatty food, intoxicating drinks, oily and fried items. Coffee and tea can be replaced with milk, butter-milk and lime juice. You can also take green tea. Drink plenty of water daily.

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3. Avoid four ‘S’ in particular- Sugar, Salt (should be used to the barest minimum), Smoking and Sedentary work. Try to live with 3 ‘E’- Empathy, Energy and Enthusiasm.

4. Brisk walking in the morning for 30 minutes is a must to stimulate nerves and for uniform blood circulation.

5. Take adequate rest in night and a daily bath.

6. Control anger. Never do harm to others even under worst provocations.

7. Adopt a ‘forget and forgive’ attitude by displaying compassion, tolerance, patience and sympathy.

8. Be free from tension, worries and anxieties. Always remain cheerful. Trusting God, face problems with tenacity of mind.

9. Cultivate charity to the deserving poor. Never compare yourself with others. A contented mind is a continual feast.

10. Never entertain the fear that you are becoming old.

11. Don’t miss a chance whenever you got a chance for dance and laugh. Try to laugh more and more. It is one of the best fuel to make you happier.

12. Remember the almighty daily through prayer, worship, devotion for your well-being.