5 Best Fruits And Vegetables For Better Health

Welcome back to Youth Veda. For better health, each and every guy should eat adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. But the truth is that most of the guys are not taking the recommended half of their plates with fruit and vegetables. Result is their diet is likely deficient in the minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, photochemicals. Today we would like to list 5 best fruits and vegetables for better health. Taking these foods regularly not only make your body healthier but also protect the body against chronic health conditions.

Best Fruit And Veg For Better Health

Best Fruits And Vegetables For Better HealthGrape Fruit

Some people dislike it for its bitterish taste, while others appreciate exactly this taste. This fruit is a unique blend of useful components. Its juice seems to restore the strength after heavy physical work or intellectual over-strain. Americans drink it with sugar on an empty stomach. Possibly, this is one of the reasons why they retain briskness and youthful appearance until elderly age.


An old legend says that favourite of the Caucasian King Hosrow fell into disfavor. On an order of the ruler, he was jailed and permitted to choose only one food. He preferred lemons and explained to the surprised jailers that lemon aroma lent a cheerful turn to his thoughts, its rind strengthen is heart, its pulp gave him food, and its juice satisfied his thirst. Since olden times lemon has been used as a medicine, which helps “expel” stones from the kidneys and liver and cures rheumatism, gout, and even such deadly diseases and the plague. Lemon decoction with rind is regarded as an effective remedy for malaria. Alcohol tincture of lemon rind exercises a welcome effect on the nerves. To this day, when man contracts quinsy (inflammation of throat with abcesson tonsils) he chews a slice of lemon to speed his recovery.

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Babylonia has no lepers or sufferers from pus foaming diseases because its people eat beet, drink honey, and bathe in the waters of the Euphrates. Modern researchers add that where people eat a lot of red beet, the cancer incidence is very low.

The juice of raw edible beetroot is a good help in the case of pneumonia and pleurisy. It is also good to drop it into the nose in the case of a cold. And cosmetologists recommend drinking it regularly to retain a good complexion. An addition of honey to beetroot juice creates a remedy for hypertension and excellent sedative drops.

An old-time folk remedy for anaemia is a mixture of equal shares of the juices of carrots, beet and winter radish. The dose is a tablespoonful or two before meals for several months.

Ground beet juice cures sore skin and even maligant formations. Cooked pulp (100 to 150 grams eaten on an empty stomach) strengthens the intestines and cures liver troubles.

Beetroot is one of the vital ingredients in cooking soups, decorating the salads. Here is a simple recipe for an appetiser: take two or three big beetroots, an apple or two, two or three garlic clove, one big cucumber (fresh or salted), a bunch of greens, cut into small pieces, mix, and salt.


In the case of a vitamin shortage, anaemia, and general breakdown it is very good to drink this vitamin-rich juice. It is still better to eat one or two ground carrots with cream or sour cream every day. This also rids man of sand or little stones in the kidneys and vascular spasms. Fresh carrot crushed into soft mass is offered to nursing mothers so that they would have more milk to feed their babies. And carrot juice with honey or carrots cooked in milk was given to men who suffered from impotence.

In terms of carotene (provitamin A) content carrots surpass all fruits and vegetables. This makes them absolutely vital in the case of poor eyesight. An 100-200 grams of carrot salad in the morning provides the eater with the daily need of vitamin A and is a guarantee for good digestion.


One medium size apple is packed with  four grams of soluble fiber—17% of the Daily Value (DV). Eating regularly helps you to control blood sugar levels. Apple is a good source of vitamin C also contain quercetin, which has  anti allergy properties and antihistamine.