6 Best Ways to Gain Weight Fast

If you are a skinny person, you can not gain weight just by eating high calorie foods or junk foods. Yes, it is not that much easy. Eating these types of foods will make you Skinny fat. To gain weight, you need to maintain a proper diet with regular physical activities.

gain weight fastPeople may be underweight, according to their height, gender and age, for various reasons. Some of them are- wrong selection of foods, eating lots of junk foods,  prolonged meal time gaps, not sleeping properly and many more.

Use a BMI calculator, if you don’t know how much weight you should have according to your age, height and gender. If you want to look attractive, muscular or curvy, just follow all the tips we mentioned below.

How to Gain Weight Fast

1. In order to gain weight, one should avoid junk foods. You can easily add thousands of calories to your diet by eating junk foods. But these type of foods will not help you to gain weight. So, choose food that contains nutritional calories.

2. You should also practices some of the weight training exercises and Body-weight exercises regularly to gain weight. These exercises not only help you to gain weight but also to build muscles. Deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, barbell rows etc. are some of the best weight training exercises to gain weight. You should also practices some of the body-weight exercises like Pull ups, dips etc to gain additional weight.

3. Eat plenty of proteins and healthy fats to gain weight quickly. Eat milk, butter, egg yolks, cheese, oil, meat with animal fat etc. to gain some pounds and to build muscle. Protein is the key for muscle building.

4. Make sure, you eat lots of fresh fruits, dry fruits and vegetables for healthy weight gain. For example, a banana contains almost 100 calories. Include olives, peas, potatoes, nuts etc. in your food to gain weight. Fruit juices and ice creams are also great foods for weight gainers. If possible, try to keep a track of your daily eating, to know whether you have eaten enough protein, enough fats and enough calories.

5. Minimum eight hours of sound sleep is must, if you want to gain weight quickly. Always remember the 3 R’s- Refuel, Rest, Recovery. People who sleep less than five hours and more than 9 hours can’t gain weight easily.

6. If you want to gain weight, take six small meals daily, instead of three heavy meals. Out of six meals, three should be main meals and the remaining three should be snacks. You should eating meals within a gap of 2-3 hours. By following this routine, one can easily add 0.5 kg weight per week.