Ashley Park: The stunning multi-talented beauty

Ashley Park grabbed attention of international media when she became Miss Asia USA this year. This multi-ethnic beauty queen is also multi-talented. From athletics to journalism, and beauty competitions to acting, she has done it all.Ashley ParkShe is a southern Arkansas girl whose mother is a Pusan native. In her childhood, it seemed like she would be pursuing a career as an athlete but lucky for us, she changed her lines. Ashley was still merely a child when she had the dream of becoming a good athlete. Hard work and never-ending passion to achieve what she wants is one of the pivotal points behind her success in every field she steps in. Her years of training and swimming finally paid off when she became a state-champion in cross country and trade nine times and an award-winning swimmer. This boosted her confidence as an athlete which lead her in getting first division successfully from one of the best, long distance schools of US; University of Arkansas.

She is a complete book nerd, loves to read books especially on sci-fi topics, and is pretty passionate about learning new languages. She combined both of these interests while pursuing her bachelor’s degree which is in Spanish and journalism. The coolest bit is that she graduated earlier than her graduation date (because that’s how much awesome she is) and was also awarded with the prestigious title of an All-SEC Academic Athlete.

Upon graduating from University of Arkansas, she thought of entering into the world’s most competitive and glamorous industry; Hollywood.  She did not get a chance to get herself enrolled in an acting school to get a formal degree but still managed to attend various top-notch and well-reputed schools of Los Angeles. Those classes taught her a lot and that’s why she considers classrooms as one of the best places for a person to master his/her skills.

Her Hollywood career took off with her minor yet significant stint on the famous opera series called “Day of our lives”.  After doing the stint, she got involved in a number of projects and eventually got her first movie; “All-American Bikini Car Wash”. The movie was filmed in Las Vegas; it didn’t turn out to be a major blockbuster hit but Ashley learnt and enjoyed a lot while filming the movie. Over the years, she honed her acting skills while picking up small projects to remain in the loop.

Next year, in 2016, two movies featuring her in lead roles are going to be released: “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” and “Day for night”. Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter is sci-fi movie in which this Arkansas beauty is playing the role of a girl named Rihanna. Her role in the movie demands physical strength which was not an issue for Ashley because of her years of training as an athlete. She explained her role in an interview to TicketsMove Blog “My character needed to be fit, there was no need for any stunt training for this particular role. As an athlete, I’m used to being thrust into situations that require strength and endurance, so I felt ready to go”

In November of this year, she was crowned with the title Miss Asia USA. Ashley participated in the USA Cultural peasant representing Korea. Though, she did want to win but she was more excited to have a platform to represent her country and culture to the world. She was initially titled Miss Korea USA 2015 but with the support of her strong-base, she was called Miss Asia USA 2015.

Ashley is right now busy in a very tight schedule with a number of projects in pipeline including three webinars and a couple of movies.

It won’t be an overly optimistic opinion to say that in the coming years she would be seen as one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood.