SysTools Hotmail Backup software Review

Hotmail accounts are hacked upon almost every day. There is nothing more disappointing than losing access to all of your valuable data from your mail account. Fortunately, SysTools Hotmail Backup tool, as per its testing, offers a simple and affordable solution that can help create the backups of emails from Hotmail accounts in just a few clicks. Here is a complete report on the analysis of the software working and its features.

Program: SysTools Hotmail Backup, Version: 1.1

Size: 12.4 MB

Price: $29

Supported OS: Windows 8.1 and all other previous versions

You can download the software from its official website. A demo version is also available which is fortunately available free of cost and provides an overview of the software, though with some minor limitations imposed which was quite convenient. It is a great way to become familiar with the software thoroughly before purchase, to be absolutely sure about it. The technicalities and algorithms integrated into the program are unlike most backup apps. Hotmail Backup Tool doesn’t require you to reboot your system after installation. It works well on Windows 7 as well as 8.1.

           Some of the Pre-Eminent Features of the Product

  • Generates Multiple File Formats: PST, MBOX, EML, MSG
  • Delete after Download option allows deleting files after download
  • Great user Interface: supports up to six different languages
  • Provides a live progress report of Backup action with item counts
  • Maintenance of Account History: shows details of interrupted process

Step1: The Backup app has a user friendly interface. One can even select the desired language to read the software UI. And after providing the account credentials, clicking on login begins the backup.

The Pros: The user interface supports up to six different languages which are Japanese, Spanish, English, French Portuguese, and German. The default language supported by the interface is English, but you can change it according to your requirement.

In addition to that, the software provides an option to save the credentials; this is done by simply checking the box against “Remember credentials”. This way you won’t have to repeatedly type them in the provided fields, manually.SysTools Hotmail Backup software Review

Step2: After logging in, the software will direct you to another screen, where it provides two options for backup. The first one offers customization and the second one offers filter option. Select the Email format among four options which are PST, MBOX, EML, and MSG.

The Pros: One of the benefits which you will get is that you can later import these files in any other supporting Email clients and continue using them.SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step3: Now you have the option to select the desired destination location to save the data backup from Hotmail account on your local machine, by clicking on the Browse option.SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step4: TheDelete after Download option allows you to delete the emails that have been backed up from your Hotmail account.

The Pros: This option gives you an additional advantage to clear your email account in order to prevent the email folders from getting cluttered up.SysTools Hotmail Backup software Step5: Two filter options provided by the tool for backup include:

Select Folders: You can choose the selected folders from your email account which you want to backup.

Date Filter for Emails: You can either backup all the emails, or back up selected email folders from your Hotmail account. Here you can provide a particular set of dates, such as; “To” and “From” to backup emails falling in the particular date range.SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step6: Select “Preferences” Option to set the Internet bandwidth and the Throttling in percentage. You can set the magnitude of Internet data either in Kbps/Mbps.

The Pros: This way you can vary the internet bandwidth consumption, according to your requirement. This option manages the overall internet bandwidth consumption.

Specialized Interface

The interface puts key information on the Homepage of the application, maintains a download history in the event of an unwanted closing of the software or due to interruption in internet connection.

SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step 7: Once you have applied the supplementary preferences, you can backup data of Hotmail account by clicking on the “Start” tab.SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step 8: The software will show you an active backup of emails from your Hotmail Account. In this action, you will get to know the Percentage of Backup development, view the name of Current folder which is being processed, no of items, Path of the destination Folder, and the progress position.

The Cons: This detailed report can only viewed while the backup is live and running and cannot be saved for reference or cross checking purpose in future.SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step 9: On successful completion of the Hotmail Account data backup, the utility will confirm it with a notification.SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step 10: Now you can return to the previous screen which shows the complete status of Hotmail Backup process.SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step 11: In order to confirm the outcome of Hotmail Conversion, move to the location where the utility has saved the backup of emails from your Hotmail Account on your local hard-drive.SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step 12: To export PST files into Microsoft Outlook: Open Microsoft Outlook profile, under file select the tab “Open & Export” then choose the option “Open Outlook Data File” and then select the file from its proper location.SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step 13: Now select the PST file from the location it is saved.SysTools Hotmail Backup software

Step 14: Now, you can view the PST file which was backed up from the Hotmail account in Outlook.SysTools Hotmail Backup software


Currently, the free trial version of the software offers to export only 100 emails from the Hotmail account and the validity of the freeware stands for 30 days only. The Personal licensed category of Hotmail Backup Utility comes at an economical cost of $29.


  • Automated backup feature is missing in the application so you have to manually run it every now and then to backup your Hotmail account.
  • In case of a subscribed / imported calendar, backup for it isn’t provided by the software.

Bottom Line

Among the number of Hotmail Backup services, Hotmail Backup Tool is capable of making a great public popular demand. Sure, the product has scope for more innovation in areas like right now there are no automated backup scheduling processes available with it. However, considering the technical overview of the features of the product it is absolutely recommendable for users who need to maintain the backup of emails from their Hotmail account. If you are looking for a proficient and decent service with unlimited data backup facility, then go ahead with SysTools Hotmail Backup software.