Windows 10: Free Upgrade For Windows 7 And 8.1 Users

After nine months of beta testing, Microsoft to release Windows 10 operating system on July 29, 2015 at Midnight EDT. If you  have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installed on your PC then you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free.Windows 10 free upgrade

Some users of Windows 7 and 8.1 have already seen Windows 10 install files appear on their computers. You can also check yours by opening File Explorer, then click on: Organize > Folder Options > View > Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Don’t worry, if you have not seen any Windows 10 files there. Microsoft is rolling out the update slowly to compatible systems.

As a Windows 7 or 8.1 user, you can also register for the upgrade to Windows 10 from the taskbar, else you can go to Microsoft’s website and ‘Reserve Windows 10’. You will get a notification, once it is ready to be installed. For any reason, if you are not eligible for the free upgrade, the latest version of Windows OS will cost you $119 (Windows 10 Home). As per our view, Windows 10 home version is suitable for all. Later, if you need any feature available only with the pro version, just grab it by paying $99.Windows 10 pen drive

Windows 10 is around 6GB in size. So, if you have a slow internet connection, it may take upto weeks to download the full version of Windows 10. Windows 10 is fast and comes with many new features compared to its previous versions. If you install Windows 10 on your computer today, you’ll get a all new desktop, shiny new Start menu, Cortana search box, Microsoft Edge (a new web browser), built-in Xbox app with Xbox One game streaming and many new built-in apps.

Windows 10 is so lovable. Install it today on your computer, I bet you will love it. For the first time, Microsoft will sell Windows 10 to the consumer via USB sticks. Click Here to download Windows 10. Don’t forget to share your views on our comment section.