Happy Friendship Day 2015 SMS

Every year international Friendship day is celebrated on 30th July. But, most of the countries including India, celebrate Friendship day on the first Sunday of August. In 2015, Friendship Day will be celebrated on 2nd August. This is a very special day to strengthen the bond of friendship.happy friendship day sms

Everyone has its own way to celebrate Friendship day. But, sending sms, exchanging gifts like cards, choclates and wrist bands are common ‘to do things’ of this occasion. Friendship day is one of the most popular events among youths. Today, we “YouthVeda” team collected 20 best Friendship Day 2015 SMS for our readers. Just select one of the messages from the list to wish your friend a Happy Friendship Day.

20 Most Popular Friendship Day SMS

1. F: Fantastic,
R: Real and
I: Intimate person who is
E: Enormously helpful in
N: Need; and truthful in
D: Deeds
Thanks for being such a wonderful person, Dear Friend!
Happy Friendship Day!

2. A good friend is like a computer,
He enters in your life,
Save himself in your heart,
Formats all your troubles
And never delete you from his heart.

Happy Friendship Day.

3. A real friend:
Cares like a Mom;
Scolds like a Dad;
Teases like a Sister;
Irritates like a Brother;
And loves more than a lover.
Happy Friendship Day, Dear Friend!

4. No One Can Be Friends
After Being Lovers
If They Are Friends Again
After Being Lovers
They Are The Best Friends
In The World

5. If u r a chocolate u r the swéétést, if u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggâblé, If u r a Star u r thé Brightést, and since u r my “FRIEND” u r the “BÉST”!!!!

6. A single candle can illuminate an entire room. A true friend lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright lights of ur friendship.

7. If heaven is the place where people get all joy and happiness, I will prefer hell, if I did not find you in heaven. The loss of a friend is like that of a limb.

8. Frienship is: A bond of Love, A medal of Trust, A shoulder in Sadness, A hand in Darkness, something that does not cost, and a jewel never to be lost.

9. Friendship is the bonding that joins two people together into one soul, doubles their joy, and divides their grief.

10. Friendship is a silent bond.
More old more strong;
More deep more clear;
More close more warm;
And less words more understanding.

Happy Friendship Day!

11. I don’t need words to express
I don’t need tears to shed
I don’t need to ask for a smile…
Or a hand to hold me
All I need is
to be your friend, forever!

12. Friendship is not about whom you’ve known longest, It’s about who came and never left your side.

13. Time will fly by, things will change, but my life will remain rooted in the memories I’ve shared with someone who has seen me through it all. I love you friend.

14. FRIENDS are:
F: Fabulous
R: Real
I: Impeccable
E: Everlasting
N: Necessary
D: Delectable and
S: Spicy

15. Thanks to a very special person
in my life who is my
companion and friend at all times.
Happy Friendship Day to my better half!

16. Friendship is like Onion, which has so many layers, and it adds taste to your life. But if you try to cut it, you will get tears only.

17. We met, it was Luck.
We talked, it was CHANCE.
We became friends, it was DESTINY.
We are still friends, it is FAITH.
We will always be friends it’s a PROMISE!
Happy Friendship Day!!

18. When a person can find
Sorrow behind your smile,
Words behind your silence,
Love behind your anger,
You can believe that person is
Your True Friend.

19. Some things are left undone,
Some words are left unsaid,
Some feelings are left unexpressed,
But some fiends as nice as you,
Could never be left unwished.

Happy Friendship Day
Dear Buddy.

20. Friendship
Means understanding,
Not agreement.
It means forgiveness,
Not forgetting.
It means the memories last,
Even if contact is lost.