How Footwear Can Save Your Feet While Off-Roading

Part of the thrill of off-roading is knowing that the ride can get rough and dirty. But since the risk of injury is higher, getting the right mc boots is essential to making sure that if you take a spill, you’re fully protected. Here are the main ways footwear can keep you safe while off-roading.

Armor To Prevent Broken Bones

A major concern when riding a motorcycle – no matter where you do it – is injury due to an accident. When it comes to dirt biking, bones broken below the knee account for 35 percent of fractures. Motocross footwear is specifically designed to guard against this sort of injury with the following features:

  • Armored shell
  • Reinforced ankle
  • Shin-covering height

Footwear Save Feet While Off-Roading

With proper protection, you can walk away from falls that otherwise could land you in the hospital.

Venting for Comfort

If not properly ventilated, motorcycle gear can leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable after wearing it for hours in the sun. Proper airflow keeps you cool and dry, and can prevent athlete’s foot. Boots made from waterproof material are also vital if you bike in wet weather for the same reason.

Layers for Heat Resistance

It’s not just collision that puts your feet at risk. Your motorcycle’s inner workings get searing hot after a short time riding, putting you at risk of burns. A good boot puts heat-resistant layers between your leg and the scorching metal, allowing you to control your bike without harm or worry.

Soles Meant To Grip

The quality of your boot soles has a lot of impact on the comfort and control of your ride. You need soles that can stand their ground in rough terrain while still allowing you to adequately feel your shifter and brake pedal.

The right footwear is vital to a fun and safe time off-roading. While the terrain may be tough, the best gear can make you tougher.