Best Happy New Year 2022 SMS

Here is a list of Happy New Year 2022 SMS. All the new year messages listed here are short, latest and unique. I am sure your friends, family and loved ones will be happy after reading these new year wishes. Apart from that you can also use these new year messages in WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.Happy new year 2016 sms

Happy New year 2016 SMS

1. Oh my Dear, Forget ur Fear,
Let all ur Dreams be Clear,
Never put Tear, Please Hear,
I want to tell one thing in ur Ear
Wishing u a very “Happy NEW YEAR“!

2. The Old Year has gone. Let the dead past bury its own dead. The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time. All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months! Happy New Year 2022.

3. I wish that not a single tear trickles down your cheek this New Year, May you be blessed with joy and happiness all the year round.

4. May the new sun of the new year bring lots of happiness and joy to you and your loved ones.

5. In this New Year, I wish you achieve all your goals in life, And get success at every step of life, enjoy a rocking year.

6. If things are not going your way, forget your last year as a bad dream and consider your new one as a wakeup call. Happy New Year 2022.

7. Wish you receive god is greatest bliss, life is happiest moments, And luck is greatest favors this year, Wish you Happy New Year.

8. Each Moment in a Day Has its own Value, Morning Brings Hope, Afternoon Brings Faith, Evening Brings Love, Night Brings Rest, Hope you Will Have All Of Them Everyday. Happy New Year 2022.

9. May 2022 be a

H: Harbinger of
A: Abundant
P: Peace,
P: Prosperity and
Y: Youthfulness.

N: Newness coupled with
E: Eternal Happiness
W: Wean away your sorrows.

Y: Your life is filled with
E: Enormous
A: Ambition that makes you
R: Rich and righteous!

10. In the New Year, may you:
Make new friends and retain the old;
Build new memories and cherish the old;
Acquire new knowledge and use the old;
Make new investments and build the old;
Go to new places and not forget the old.
Have a beautiful New Year!

11. This New Year may all your troubles vanish like magic,
May you reach out to great glories and achieve all that you desire,
Happy New Year!

12. I wish you scatter happiness all 365 days and get the same in return,
As well throughout this New Year, Wish you a Happy New Year!!

13. New is the year, new are the
hopes and the aspirations, new is
the resolution, new are the spirits
and forever my warm wishes are
for you.
Have a promising and fulfilling new year.

14. Beauty..
This is beginning of a new year!
“Happy new year 2022″

15. In ‘The Universal Bank of God’…
God stores his blessings & deposited 365 days full of love,faith & happiness for you…
So,Enjoy spending…
Happy New Year 2022

16. May your life be filled with great happiness this year. May your journey be full of adventures, wishing you good luck in this New Year 2022 ahead.

17. I Wish in this new year God gives You,
12 Month of Happiness,
52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good Health,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds of Joy…and that’s all

18. Hearty wishes..,
May almighty ponder upon u,
with his marvelous blessings,
give u Health, Wealth, Peace & Happiness,
Wishing u & family a prosperous new year!

19. May your days be as glittery as Diamonds;
May your companions be as good as Gold;
May your heart stay as green as Emerald;
Ánd may your soul remain as pure as Pearl.
Happy New Year!

20. Do all the best u can,
By all the ways u can,
In all the manners u can,
In all the occasions u can,
At all the opportunity u can

21. In every thing there must be a season,
a time 2come and a time 2go,
I pray that this New Year brings,
2you happiness and joy 4ever and ever,

22. My wishes for you are not limited to just the next year ,
but to all the years that you experience in your lifetime and in your reincarnations,
Have a fun-filled, smashing, rocking and happening New Years!

23. Lighten up your surroundings with your sweet smile,
And make way for happiness with your good deeds this New Year,
Happy New Year!

24. May this New Year not be a repetition of old habits – may you reinvent yourself and embark upon a journey full of excitement and adventure.
Happy New Year!!!!!!

25. Hope the New sun of the New Year and the new moon of the New Year,
Brings good fortune and great luck for you, Wish you Happy New Year

26. New Year gives you the perfect opportunity to start afresh,
Grab the chance and make the world a better place for you and yours,
Happy New Year!

27. Open a new book today.
Forget all your worries and welcome.
A New Year has come with new expectations,
New opportunities, new challenges
and a whole new way of delighting people related with you.

Happy New Year 2022.

28. May this New Year
give you the courage
to triumph over your
vices and embrace the virtues.

29. New Year is not about changing the dates but direction;
It’s not about changing the Calendar but Commitment;
It’s not about changing the Actions but Attitude;
It’s not about changing the fruit but Faith, Force And Focus!
May you Commit and Create the best New Year ever!

Hope you like all the Happy New Year 2022 sms listed above. Thanks for reading.