5 Amazing Features of Fire Phone

Amazon’s long rumored Fire Phone has been made official and the company tried to add some innovative features to their first smart phone. Today we would like to share the 5 amazing features of Fire phone. One more thing, I want you to know that most of the features of Fire phone are not available in any other smartphone.

As rumored, Fire Phone has a 4.7-inch 720p gorilla glass display, Fire OS 3.5, 2GB RAM, quad-core 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor,13MP rear camera and five front cameras. Apart from that it has 32GB of storage space, 2,400-mAh battery and access to all the apps on Amazon’s App Store.

5 Best Features of Amazon’s Fire phone

amazing features of fire phone
Five front cameras

For the first time a smartphone is launched with five front facing cameras. Don’t be confused, they all are not for taking selfies. These cameras use infrared and can track the user’s eyes or position of your head even in the dark. The normal front facing camera is in the center of the phone and other 4 cameras are located in the 4 corners of the Fire phone.


Another awesome feature added to Fire phone. Using this feature an user can buy a product from internet, just by taking a picture. There is a button on side of the smartphone, which will enable the the all new firefly feature. After activating the feature, point the camera on a magazine, on a TV or on a poster, Firefly will detect the product and will automatically open Amazon store, so that the user can buy the product. Amazon released the Firefly software development kit (SDK) to all developers, so third-party app makers may add more functionality to Firefly.

Unlimited cloud storage

We have already mentioned that Fire Phone comes with a 13MP rear camera which allows users to take some high quality photographs. Users can save all their images in Amazon cloud drive for free. Amazon is offering unlimited cloud storage to save both photos and videos but not music.


Amazon released “MayDay” in the last year with the Kindle Fire HDX.But from now onwards. this awesome feature will be available on Fire Phone too. If it’s the first time you hear about Mayday, it is a one-touch access to its 24×7 customer support service. Users need to press the Mayday button to talk to customer care executives. After pressing the button, users will get respond within 15 seconds. This is a great initiative from Amazon to win customers heart.

Dynamic Perspective

Amazon has added lts of 3D features to the all the Fire phone and dynamic perspective is one of those features. I am sure, it will be known as complete 3D phone(even the lock screen of the phone is also 3D). Dynamic Perspective lets you tilt the smartphone in different directions to see more information from apps, resize images, scroll through web pages and documents without using your fingertips. Simply you need to tilt the phone; the more you tilt, the faster it will scroll.